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I have been pretty busy this last couple of months gearing up for my summer in LA. It has been important to me to expose myself to new situations and grow as a performer and a person.
The first time I went out of the country was in March with my school! The trip was to London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. I got to visit many cathedrals, museums, castles, tourist attractions, and experience the cultural parts of the UK.

Places visited:
Doune Castle in Scotland (filming place for Monty Python)
Edinburgh Castle in Scotland
The Elephant House in Scotland (where JK Rowling sparked the idea for Harry Potter)
Holyrood Palace in Scotland
Mary King’s Close in Scotland
Stirling Castle in Scotland
The Trossachs in Scotland
St. Paul’s Cathedral in England
Churchill War Rooms in England
Borough Market in England
The Phoenix Theatre in England
Stonehenge in England
Roman Bath City in England
British Museum in England
Buckingham Palace in England
Baker St in England (designed apartment for SHERLOCK)
National Portrait Gallery in England
The Globe Theatre in England

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